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  Just 3000 system
Tel: 0755-83324368
    Just 3,000 VOD shoulders such mission to serve for the hotel: Strengthens the hotel and visitor's information communication. Provides the careful next to the skin service for the hotel visitor, portrays the hotel own image, strengthens the brand construction, builds the management atmosphere. Increases the guest room function, VOD may turn the hotel star class guest room the star class movie theater; Even may turn the hotel star class guest room the massage room, bath feet city consumer center, shopping city.
  Just 4000 system
Tel: 0755-83324368
    Source from Phiippe Picdaud industry product design office of DECATHLON Company. Elegant, only I alone revere, reveals the aristocrat true colors. Calm quiet, outstanding and is uncommon, the atmosphere but in collects.
  Just 2000 system
Tel: 0755-83324368
    The Just 2,000 video frequencies service system is specially regards the news system solution for the small plot and the hotel user design. The system by the video frequency service center, the video frequency network, the customer terminal three parts is composed.
  Just 1000 information system
Tel: 0755-83324368
     The Just1000 information issue system may based on the coaxial cable network also be possible based on the twisted pair line ultra five kind of networks, mainly to be broadcasts the film and television program either the advertisement program or the wheel broadcasts the form transmission to give the hotel visitor or other advertisements the audiences.
  Just 100 shade system
Tel: 0755-83324368
     Just technical shade special-purpose machine-top has the VGA connection, also may the installment and lets the visitor on the internet bar monitor watch£¬therefore the compatibility is very strong, may the shade expansion for the high-level individuality movie leisure place.

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