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20th anniversary dedication


Makes the world first-class video frequency product, foundation world first-class video frequency enterprise - this is Just the technical for 20 years development power and the existence reason.

Sincerely take the stability overrides all other considerations idea research and development, sincerely by has the flaw the commodity namely as the waste product idea production. This 20 years, although a group roughness, a group difficulty, we have no qualms to ours customer, our time.

We expand the ten sity and the research and development investment proportion by the yearly rate 300% market are eagerly anticipating the Chinese VOD technology and the direction

We by take the Shenzhen software profession association director unit and the high-tech industry association member but the glory

We by the Chinese numeral VOD profession technical standard draft unit which assigns as the country information industries department but the glory

We by take Chinese Director VOD profession association the unit but the glory

We by as Chinese only 11 can simultaneously permit in the machine top box will set in the sea letter group, the Haier Group, the Hong Kong HPC Group, the China National Aviation Corp group, the Kang good group ,the mansion China group, in a night of crystal and the plasma television brand which the rainbow group and so on will produce And changes the Chinese high-quality hotel television by this participation the implication and the technical style but is proud;

We represent China and PHILIPS by only one, LG, SUSANG, SONG, Panasonic participate in the IPTV project cooperation but to be proud;

We can carry on the VOD project cooperation by home only one with IBM Corporation but to be proud

We by with the Kempinski Hotel management group, the Hilton hotel group, happy ascend the hotel group, the Shangri-La hotel management group, the intercontinental hotel management group, the English saint rope Asia hotel group, the Suofeite Hotel group, the China National Aviation Corp hotel management group, the best western hotel management group, the Chin chiang hotel management group, the Chinese day hotel management group, the Conifer hotel management group cooperation but is proud;

We to in use the VOD system in five star classes hotel market, Just VOD Occupation ratio to reach as high as 92% but to be proud;

We thought the nearly 800 hotels, the nearly 130 five star classes hotels for 20 years time service, good regard VOD to become high-quality hotel professional manager the public figure to be familiar with and the esteem VOD brand but are proud;

During 20 years, how many star enterprises have dropped down, Just still stably develops, efficiently to throughout bases the hotel profession, by the high-quality hotel and the noble plot took the core market Strength Spot, continuously unceasingly is forging own core competitive ability, unceasingly consummates the control system, unceasingly strengthens the service channel construction, the technical talented person troop constructs, the profession experience accumulated, has accomplished the scale superiority and the brand superiority

We believed that, next good will regard will certainly is the technology Just, the service good will regard, the world goodwill regard, hundred years good will regard, we by top quality, the first-class technology, the first-class service, will go all out, the steady management, good will regard the VOD forging for the hotel profession world first brand, good will regard technical forging for to belong to the entire social the responsible great hundred year enter prises!

                                                                        Chairman Just technical: john
                                                                                           February 28, 2007


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