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China digital television market will welcome explodes the hairstyle growth in 2007

2007-5-10 14:20:21

  "In 2007, the China digital television market will welcome explodesthe hair style growth. This growth driving influence will originatethe China visual broadcast the digitization, will cover the groundbroadcast, the satellite from the simulation to the digitizedtranslation, wired and IP each domain." Was conducting on the otherday in 2007 "China international broadcast television informationnetwork exposition (CCBN2007)" period, the Italian law semiconductorcompany (ST) vice- President the concurrently family entertainment andmonitor product department General Manager Mr. ChristosLagomichosforecast like this.  

According to the newest statistics, in 2006 the global expenseelectron semiconductor income amounts to 53.5 billion US dollars,compared in 2005 to grow 9%. The market growth power comes from threenets (or four nets) gathers one, the operation business competition aswell as the consumer to the high clear television, the digitaltelevision, the machine top box, the DVD recording and sending out machine,the mechanical games, the MP3 player market demand increase.

Mr. ChristosLagomichos introduced to reporter that, the digitalexpense electron is ST one of five big goals cities 

Mr. ChristosLagomichos pointed out that, 2007 will be the globalfigure television year, the China digital television industry startshigh speed to grow. According to the Asian and Pacific marketinvestigation and study company estimated that, the inland numeralcable TV user quantity estimated end of this year will enhance 66%,will achieve 20 million users. Moreover, extremely will have thecharacteristic in the Chinese market is, the wired/network machine top box as well as the network special-purpose machine top box will obtain the vigorously promoted application in the Chinese market.

At present, ST is the Chinese numeral cable TV market first big machine top box IC merchant, ST monolithic wired machine top box ICQAMI5516 producesgoods the quantity in China to surpass 9 million. Beijing song China,the world numerical code holding company has used the ST STi5107advanced security machine top box solution.  

Mr. ChristosLagomichos indicated that, the Italian law semiconductorsoon supports the Chinese domestic television standard, like AVS,DMB-TH and ABS-S, this will make ST to maintain the MPEG4 highclear/sign clear system chip and exports in the market in the home thestatus, ST also becomes China to export European in a digitaltelevision body machine market main chip supplier, simultaneously, STwill argue vigorously into in the Chinese numeral expense electronmarket first big system chip supplier.


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