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The market worsens the specialized machine top box enter prise to start the bitter experience to the sleepy bureau

  2007-5-10 12:30:21

 The main camp service profit glides down

Continuously maintains domestic machine top box market share first 5Shenzhen as the nearly two years 2006 reports demonstrations whichissued with the continent electron, the company profit total amountcomparatively in 2005 the same ratio drops 5.42% year after year, onlythe profit same ratio drops 0.77%, the cash current capacity sameratio which management produces drops 239.2%. But as company's maincamp service (satellite receiver, the IP machine top box, wired machine top box,ground machine top box) the profit is accompanied by compared to drop0.29%, among, the wired machine top box and the ground machine top box profitsame time grows 1.21% and 1.51%, but the satellite receiver profit isaccompanied by the ratio to drop 0.38%, the IP machine top box same ratiodrops 12.45%.
   The Eastern negotiable securities analyst Zhang Xiaoga accepts reporterwhen the interview indicated, although with the continent 2006 reportsforeign demonstrations profit with compared to the drop reason is yearafter year because the fund massively uses in to advertise for thetalented person and the expansion sells the terminal troop, butdomestic and the foreign market environment also causes the immediatecause which some machine top box enterprise profits glides down. Says fromthe investment domestic machine top box market, although in 2006 thedigital television whole translation has led the domestic machine top boxmarket sales volume growth, but completely by the cable TV operationbusiness control market, machine top the box enterprise often had the orderform actually not to have chapter of funds, the recycling funddifficultly, caused the company to sell the income lowly, lost moneythe possibility to be bigger.

   From may see year after year with the continent 2006 reports in,continuously exports the satellite machine top box primarily same continentin 2006, its satellite machine top box profit is accompanied by the ratioto have the drop. Zhang Xiaoga the expression, last year the European MPEG-2 organization to the domestic machine top box enterprise demanded thepatent fee has directly affected with the continent machine top box exportation, if the patent fee demands successfully, this regardingexports the primarily machine top box enterprise to say will be the totaldestruction.

  Many Yuan investments prospect endures sorrow

  May see from 2006 with the continent step, after goes on the marketfinancing, with the continent not only in the broad electricity domainparticipation industry chain link increased, starts to seep productand so on GPS, handset, automobile electron. 

Concurrently president Yuan Ming talks about with continent electronchairman of the board in the 2007CCBN fourth session of digitaltechnology innovation forum: "For the promotion whole transformationinteraction development, at present provides the cooperation patternwith the continent which the many kinds of funds raises, one is mayparticipate in the project investment, helps the service operationplan; Two, may provide the fund to raise funds; Three front end,provides to the terminal equipment sale; Four, provides the incrementservice."

Accepts reporter with continent electron assistant president SunGongxian when the interview once indicated that, will expand with thecontinent digital television product from machine top the box to productand so on An Fang, correspondence, integrated circuit. May see, wantswith the continent to the expense electron provider to reform.  

But, this kind of multiplex investment, also affected with thecontinent 2006 profit total amount. The Phillips digital television machine top box strategy and development enterprise department productmanager the grandson celebrates accepts reporter when the interviewindicated, currently speaking, with continent main camp service or machine top box, but also has not retreated still the specialized domainmanufacturer with the continent the impression, the growth was awell-known expense electron brand still waits for the date and time.Continues the elevation of temperature along with the machine top boxmarket, will change the horizontal market by the vertical market willbe inevitable. The horizontal market competition will be the channel,the mesh point, the thing flows, the post-sale service, the brand, themarketing and so on the omni-directional comprehensive ratio spells,but in these aspects, has not certainly prepared with the continent tobe ready. How launches the competition in the horizontal market andthe traditional large-scale expense electrical appliances provider?Certainly is not as if nice with the continent.   

If does not hold the digital television existing opportunity with thecontinent, in the main battlefield consolidated foundation, exploitsthe victory, but starts to pull the long front, even cross professioncombat. Once newly invests the profession lacks the new profit growthspot, this will be able to affect company's overall profit. Zhang Xiaoga also believed that, lies in machine top the box this main campservice with the continent biggest superiority, if does not speed up machine top the box technical research and development while the present,will be able gradually to lose machine top the box dominant position,perhaps this could not be expected with the continent.
  The recycling fund is a difficult problem
Although in 2006 the digital television whole translation has led the domesticmachine top box market sales volume growth, but completely by thecable TV operation business control market, machine top the box enterpriseoften had the order form actually not to have chapter of funds.  

"Why is this also the main reason which flows off with the continentcash falls." Zhang Xiaoga the expression, "because cable TV operationbusiness returns the funds cycle too long to machine top the box to be theresult of, this also can urge with the continent in fund financepressure."   

This kind of phenomenon also is other machine top box enterprise faces thequestion. Many machine top boxes enterprises the income which bringregarding the present machine top box are miserable beyond description, amachine top box mister once told reporter: "In the domestic market, atpresent nearly all joins in the machine top box enterprise all to be at theloss condition." But even if is loses money, also had ahead of time todepend on facing the digital television several 100 billion Yuanmarkets scales seizes the market to receive in exchange for the share.

"Investment machine top box although does not make money in the earlierperiod, what but machine top the box enterprise are more is saw the digitaltelevision the opportunity which brings in the increment service, thisalso urges very many enterprises to provide including the projectinvestment and the fund for the operation business raises funds and soon the way cooperation way." The Beijing Haire information science andtechnology limited company market department after pays attention tothe star islet expression.   

The grandson celebrates believed that, the surface looked hasestablished the threshold through this way which other competitorsenters, actually not necessarily is the wise procedure. Thiscooperation way to has the stable income place city operation businessto say actually is one kind tolerates, said regarding the direct userless partial provinces net has solved its urgent matter, but returnedthe funds cycle is Do not admit hoping for the best.
   Competitor extrusion
the gland research company investigation demonstrated that, in 2006 the machine top box enterprise produces goods in the quantity take theelectrical appliances as the representative in the machine top box marketto start to leap into the second echelon, in the wiredmachine top boxdomain, take the rainbow, creates Uygur as the head electricalappliances machine top box enterprise rise tendency is extremely swift andviolent. This has also extruded the specialized machine top box marketshare.
  Also pointed out year after year with the continent in 2006 reports toits market competition existence risk that, the machine top box producesthe factory rapid increase, the price competition is more and moreintense, some large-scale electrical appliances enterprises enter,cause the company to compete the pressure to enlarge.
The gland research analysis, at present China the machine top box marketbasically is the machine top box merchant direct sale and the businessagent sale pattern, the machine top box gradually electrical appliances,enter sell the field to carry on the sale are the inevitable trendwhich the machine top box marketing channel develops, enters after the machine top box sells the field, the electrical appliances factory chamber ofcommerce occupies a more advantageous position in the marketcompetition.
  Zhang Xiaoga at the same time feels for the next machine top box futuredevelopment worried that, he indicated, at present develops thetendency from the domestic machine top box to look, the machine top box alsowill have the certain development space in the extant 300 milliontelevisions storage quantity, but will intensify along with variousprovinces wired network conformity step, future the technologicaldevelopment tendency will be, the machine top box function gradually willintegrate in the television, will achieve the hardware and thesoftware separation. After at the present this kind of tendencychange, Benefit Winner is the electrical appliances enterprise, does nothave the core technology regarding these the specialty machine top box enterprise to say is extremely disadvantageous.
   Certain machine top box enterprises also saw as if this tendency, the daycypress already started the machine top box to the family multimediaterminal evolution. Perhaps, regarding had truly to start by the machine top box primarily camp service enterprise from the technology toprovide for a rainy day.

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