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IDF: Future several years multi-purpose machine-top box will be able fast to develop

2007-5-10 11:30:21


   The use numeral machine top box equipment is at present accepts the highpicture prime number byte goal method.
The INTEL information technology summit (IDF), in could unfold theTaiwan China networking limited liability company to bring the digitaltelevision equipment, including had the family videophone function machine top the box, may the VOD selection and broadcast machine top the boxother also have a section ultra thin machine top box.

  Because the Chinese cable TV digitization whole translation fastdevelopment, has led the wired digital machine top box market sales volumegrowth. China already became one of global main machine top box productionplaces, had the integrity industrial chain  

The home production machine top the box product scope is very wide, fromthe most basic function low end machine top box to wired with IP will unifyin the together machine top box as well as Gao Duandai PVR and the VOD functionmachine top the box will have the enterprise to produce,various merchants product function respectively will have the stress.machine top the box multi-purpose development will be the future severalyears development direction.




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