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NAB2007 places the great expectations IP machine-top box to IPTV to compete to unfold

2007-5-9 16:30:21

 In the American Nevada state Las Vegas convention "NAB2007" on, placedthe great expectations to the IPTV service popularization theequipment merchant and the software development enterprise displaysthe IP machine-top box (to hereafter refer to as IP STB) in abundance aswell as uses in IP STB trial manufacturing and so on software and thenew product.  

STB "IntAct" the brain WWW browser also can see the form makeslarge-scale IP STB Corporation England Amino the Communicationsachievement to have the video recording function the STB new product,displayed has supported HDTV the new type "AmiNET530" the trialmanufacturing machine. This product support based on H.264 and MPEG-21080i and 720p image decoding. The equipment has the transcribingtelevision program, saves VOD the service content the 160GB hard disk.Moreover, Amino Communications in NAB2007 period indicated that,planned used in this company IP STB software "IntAct" to transplant toIntel just issues, face civil digital product SoC "Intel CE 2,110Media Processor" on.

 Was engaged in development service a and so on handset WWW browserSouth Korean soft company (Infraware) has issued face IP STB software"Polaris TV Suite". Below this set of software has the many kinds offunctions: The WWW browser, Java hypothesized machine as well assupport each kind of data broadcast specification the receivefunction, has the VOD service and the IPTV service receive function.Exaggerates the engine the WWW browser with xHTML and ECMAScript(Rendering Engine) to use in GUI, may carry on in on the demonstrationimage screen overlaps the demonstration. This software WWW browser candemonstrate PC the WWW website, also namely so-called "versatilebrowser (Full Browser)", can from the demonstration image detailedcontent picture rapid cut to the WWW website.   

American Hillcrest Laboratories has displayed through operationdiameter 150mm about the ring-like remote control uses IP STB trialmanufacturing machine. The remote control sets at 3 axes accelerationinstrument besides in, but also has 2 buttons and 1 hoop. The operatorabout moves the ring-like remote control through about, can control onthe screen the cursor. Considered provides the content unceasingincrease along with the VOD service, as well as the consumer saves thepicture data and the music data and so on the quantity increase, thiscompany hoped can with ease realize each kind of operation throughthis way. This company mainly develops uses in the television and STBsoftware and the essential technology, therefore certainly did notplan oneself produces this display the trial manufacturing machine.
  In addition, on the conference site everywhere obviously supports theMicrosoft IPTV software platform "Microsoft TV Internet ProtocolTelevision (IPTV) Edition" IP STB. Not only unfolded the area inMicrosoft, under American Cisco system flag American science Atlanta(Scientific-Atlanta) and so on had also
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