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In intel ligent construction public broadcast system composition and development

2007-5-9 11:20:30


The public broadcast product passed through many year high speeddevelopment, regardless of from the product technology, the function,applies each aspect to say all already quite mature, the publicbroadcast took the dissemination information one kind of tool, hasexperienced dozens of years development history, along with thescience and technology development - from the electron tube to thetransistor, from the transistor to the integrated circuit, from thephonograph to CD, from CD to DVD, passes through revolutionizes manytimes, basically puts the electric circuit by the constant pressuremerit to add the terminal sound box (or tweeter), the single-channeltonic train signalling transmission mode carries on the work, also hassome deficiency in the practical application. In recent years, alongwith institution, enterprise, association, school, hospital... ...Information construction step speeding up, the Internet, multimediaand so on one batch of high-tech broadcast products apply in each kindof enterprise, its application way has had the enormous change. Sincecross person new century, close up monitoring television, wide bandnetwork, computer multimedia, Internet already by each kind ofassociation widespread application, and gradually entered place and soon classroom, faculty working office, laboratory, office, institution,hospital, enterprise. Causes in the development the public broadcastsystem to hasten perfectly.



In the intelligent construction public broadcast system is a crossperson 21st century intelligences building important constituent,because the people are more and more high to the life and the workingconditions request, and the influence intelligence buildinginformation technology unceasing progress, all these are impels theintelligent building unceasing development the main power. Presently,the computer technology, the network communication and the microelectron technology swift and violent development, met these needs forthe people to provide the formidable technology base.

In the intellectualized construction broadcast to speaks the system
"In the intellectualized construction broadcast to speaks the system"is the collection microcomputer technology, the video frequencymonitoring technology, the numerical code communication is a bodymodernization "the intelligent broadcast to speaks the system". "Theintelligent broadcast to speaks the system" the convention to have thebroadcast to speak the systems control main engine, a housing unitnumber entrance minute main engine, each household housing householdextension telephone composition. Each housing unit number entranceinstallment "the intelligent broadcast video frequency to speaks thesystem" a set. Thus realized the estate management center to speak,the housing unit number main engine with each household housinghousehold bidirectional broadcast to says with each household housinghousehold bidirectional broadcast. Each household housing household and may the emergency call estatemanagement center.


"First, the housing unit number intelligence broadcast video frequencyto speaks the extension telephone - each household housing householdinstallment" the intelligent broadcast video frequency to speak thesystem "a set. When has the visit visitor when "a housing unit numberentrance minute main engine" on according to visits the householdcorrespondence the pressed key, is visited the customer extensiontelephone ringing, each household housing indoors installment "themonitor" on the screen simultaneously demonstrated visitor'sappearance picture, has distinguished clearly visitor the statusafter the housing household determination, mentions the telephone thenimmediately to converse on the telephone with visitor, when permits visitor comes in, presses down on the extension telephone to open lock, namely can control remotely turns on "the housing unit numberdoor lock", after visitor enters the front door, security gate inclosing door under draws automatically closes a door. If the housinghousehold comes across the special accident the emergency case, mayoperate on the extension telephone urgently to call for help thepressed key, "to speaks the system administration center to theintelligent broadcast" to report to the police seeks help.


Second, the housing unit number entrance minute main engine - housingunit number entrance minute main engine system installment has thecamera, absorbs outside the housing unit number entrance the pictureor the visit personnel's facial features, the visit personnel may "thebroadcast to speak the systems control main engine" in the residentialdistrict on the direct digit dialing to call "a housing unit numberentrance minute main engine", after puts through to says with thehousing in master. The housing household desire enters in this unitbuilding to be possible to use the key to operate the lock, also mayuse the password which inputs locks to carry on the lock, perfectlyrealized as soon as has locked a yard, moreover the housing householdwas allowed to defer to as necessary own needs to change own openslocks the password.



Third, the estate management center main engine - estate managementcenter provides a administrative center main engine, and has "themonitoring device", may monitor each "a housing unit number entranceminute main engine" the working condition, "the estate managementcenter main engine" may intervene each "a housing unit number entranceminute main engine" the call, and the demonstration call housing roomnumber, the receive "a minute main engine" transmits alarm, andprinting, video recording archive.

The broadcast to speaks the system the module and the equipmentdisposition
"In the intellectualized construction broadcast to speaks the system"the intelligent housing, the plot network characteristic is: Theintelligent housing, between the plot interior, the family computerdoes not need to carry on the internal communication. Must payattention, this is and the ordinary local area network is not same,therefore the general ethernet converter to the intelligent housing,the plot is cannot use in common.


"In the intellectualized construction broadcast to speaks the system"intelligent housing each user to have alone to have a VLAN port, thenetwork interior and between the plot interior various housing user'sport is does not permit the exchange.


In the network all equipment - router, the ethernet converter and thecollector must melt with the system, safe is reliable, the convenientinstallment and the maintenance. And strictly follows the IEEE802.3ethernet international standard and the agreement.


"In the intellectualized construction broadcast to speaks the system"in order to satisfy the wide band service the need - distancelearning, VOD, the TV conference, application and so on stock marketquotation issue, the intelligent housing, the plot ethernet essentialcan support the group to broadcast technical - Multicast. Becauseselects the broadcast method is unable through the router toretransmit to other webpages. Moreover also requests it to be allowedsimultaneously to use "pair of many" or "many to are many" the waytransmission data, like this may greatly save the network the bandwidth.


In order to adapt the Chinese national condition, and satisfies theintelligent housing, the plot to ethernet some specific requestsbelow, therefore must have the characteristic using the ethernet:


First, on the good port is the 1000M entire duplex ether light mouth,the transmitting range may amount to 15 kilometers, turns on the edgerouter with the single model optical fiber.


Second, the port which may provide to the building BAN ethernetconverter has the following several kinds:


(A) - the transmitting range is 100 meter 100Base - the T electricitymouth


(B) - the transmitting range is 15 kilometer 100Base - the TX singlemodel port


(C) - the transmitting range is 2 kilometers multi- molds entireduplexes ether light mouth


Third, the support based on port VLAN, each 100 meter 100Base - the TXport supports 24 different VLAN, each plot ZAN ethernet converter mostlittle may support 1,024 different VLAN.


Fourth, the support group broadcasts technical - Multicast, has 1GMPv1 and 1GMP the v2 data packet capture ability. If applies is the BANethernet converter, because it has used the wall suspension typeengine case, but conveniently hangs in the building road junction, hasthe following many characteristics:


(A) - on the good port is the 100M ethernet connection, turns on theplot ZAN ethernet converter.


(B) - to user's port is 10Base - the T entire duplex ethernetelectricity mouth.


(C) - to VLAN the support, permits or a many 10M division is VLAN,during each VLAN does not permit the correspondence, the identicalVLAN port may mutually correspond. And can control each VLANpermission the main engine to turn on the quantity.


(D) - the support group broadcasts technical - Multicast, has 1GMP v1and 1GMP the v2 data packet capture ability.


In addition, this system design has manufactured USB adapter -10/100Mbps, it is small and exquisite, some USB - A port, a RJ - 11telephones port, RJ - 45 ports. Can conveniently transform the familytelephone line simply to be possible to expand the network. Thissystem has also provided set of complete network managements software(including estate management software), a city only needs to installset of network managements software, may realize the entire networkequipment centralism disposition, the centralism costs, function andso on centralized management.

Latter language
"The housing region public broadcast system" - by the intercom, thecontroller, the monitor, the switch, the acoustic merit puts, thepower source module, the distribution wire material and so on manyparts systems is composed. Presently, "housing region public broadcastsystem" the product development mainly manifests in the followingseveral aspects:


(A) visible "the housing region public broadcast system" has becomethe market the mainstream;


(B) visible "housing region public broadcast system" monitor picture -already from black and white picture rapidly toward colored picturedevelopment;


(C) visible "housing region public broadcast system" monitor also fromordinary CRT reflection tube to TFT - LED liquid crystal displaymonitor development, moreover the picture also marches to largescreen.


The economical vigorous development, personnel's visit with flowsfrequently, causes social the public security also to hasten complex.How guaranteed housing unit number inhabitant's life convenience andsecurity, and enhancement "housing region public broadcast system" thefunction, meets the housing unit number inhabitant's need, causes "thehousing region public broadcast system" to be more perfect, thisalready the becoming industry inside and outside public figuregenerally paid attention a topic. "The housing region public broadcastsystem" also may widely apply to the service performance professionmany windows - negotiable securities, the post and telecommunicationsoffice, the train station, the payment, place and so on insurancecompany, industry and commerce, ticket office, hospital. Let us jointeffort, accomplishes to let the humanity live a happier environment.