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Three nets fusions: For will correspond the product to bring the infinite opportunity

2007-5-9 11:20:30


In the Beijing China international exhibition center hold 15th session"the China international broadcast television information networkexposition" on, the visitor is continuous. The display contentincluding broadcast television each kind of equipment and thetechnology, arranges broadcasts the network and the transmissionnetwork construction, the media property management, the high clearprogram manufactures, aspect and so on user management systemmanagement system, has collected in the global scope the digitaltelevision and the wide band network aspect innovation achievement.
Grow day by day along with the electronic information technology rapiddevelopment and the user to the many kinds of services demand causesthe original independent design operation the traditiontelecommunication network, the Internet and the wired televisionnetwork is moving towards the fusion, "three nets fusions" has becomean important major tendency which the society develops. Just likeChinese telecommunication Chief Engineer Wei Leping said, thetelecommunication industry will follow "the pronunciation" in on therealization fusion path - "the pronunciation + data" - "thepronunciation + data + video frequency" the path, thus will realizeTriple Play, thus IPTV and the motion video frequency will be realizesits three nets to fuse importantly cuts into the spot. Broadelectrical industry will follow "the broadcast video frequency" - "thebroadcast video frequency + data" - "the broadcast video frequency +data + pronunciation" the path thus will realize Triple Play,therefore the digital television will be realizes three nets to fuseimportantly cuts into the spot. Two although the technical method andthe way are different, but finally all will be able to provide takethree kind of services ties up as the symbol three nets fusionsservice. But the Internet will provide the unification, can the publiccorrespondence agreement and the intelligence transmission platformwhich is all accepted by three big nets, in the technology has themost solid fusion foundation.


The wide band core is a content. As for the digital television that,develops the market similarly is with emphasis also is the richcontent. Recently several year China's wide band user number obtainedthe considerable development, at present each big telecommunicationoperation business all reforms the wide band application as thetelecommunication as well as draws the important strategy which theincome grows, but makes the new business model, develops the newapplication to become the wide band service development day by day thekey. As manifests the representative service which three nets fuses,IPTV may provide the different pattern the service mentality, middlethe solution wide band development bottleneck question, realizes theindustrial chain through the business model innovation altogether towin, therefore was considered is in the wide band development most hasthe development potential "the murderer level application" one.


Overseas telecommunication operation business when enters the IPTVmarket the first choice service often is the direct seeding classservice and the VOD service, some operations business has alsoprovided the many and varied increments service, like the interactiveprogram navigation, the call demonstrated, television gateway, whenmoves the television, the television commerce and so on.Simultaneously overseas operation business develops the IPTV serviceoften to adopt the pattern which the service ties up, namely providestertiary service - Triple Play for the user, this was one kind fusedthe service pattern which the pronunciation, the video frequency andthe high speed Internet turned on. Through this kind of emergingservice pattern, operation business not only can satisfy the user tothe voice feature demand, simultaneously also can satisfy the user tothe high end service demand. More importantly, the user can enjoy thefees preferential benefit which ties up to the service brings. TheTriple Play pattern promoted the IPTV development in the very greatdegree, simultaneously has also brought the service income for theoperation business which continues to grow.


The country explicitly pointed out in "15" the plan suggestionthat, must strengthen information infrastructure construction and soon wide band communications network, digital television network andnext generation Internet in the information construction aspect,advances three nets fusions. The IPTV development lets three netsfusions obtain the unprecedented turning point, the broad electricitysystem superiority lies in the program content the manufacture,broadcasts as well as the signalling and so on; The telecommunicationnetwork superiority lies in the coverage to be broad, has thelong-term accumulation the large-scale network design operation andthe managerial experience; The Internet characteristic lies in theinteraction to be strong, but point-to-point communication. IPTV isfuses three nets characteristics and fully manifests three netssuperiority supplementary service, brings the opportunity is infinite.