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Business goal

Makes the world first-class product, the foundation world first-class en terprise, and benefits the customer by this experience and theachievement, the staff and the society, is our struggle reason and the ultimate objective; Lays down for each staff in this enterprise long-term development path and a group boosts for him with the call, argues vigorously can realize its individual value maximization in this enterprise team


Enterprise power

?? The technology is a strength, we will eagerly anticipate the profession by the technical innovation future with to open gate of the enterprise development; Individual management style only can manage a piece or for a while, the system can manage comprehensive and is long-time, unceasingly establishes the good system is our long-term development safeguard; Does not have the profit on finally not to have the customer the service, the not biggest profit does not have the sustainable high-quality service, therefore the pursue enterprise profit maximization and does utmost protects our customer the benefit is our inherent responsibilities
Enterprise spirit
?? We believe: The heart gentle, honest is firm and resolute, unceasingly studies, shares hardships, never the word defeat is in the world all great enterprises team's general character and the core spirit, otherwise, this enterprise team will not have the great future
Enterprise staffs:
The battle efficiency extraordinary team is our enterprise strong corner stone, by has the enterprise staffs which the correct policy-making strength the head of undertaking and loyal is competent for the post to constitute together
The work is competent for the post the staff is enterprise's development strength, works the staff which is not competent for the post is the hindrance strength which our enterprise develops, we must unceasingly the self- study with unceasingly train achieve the enter rise the use standard Decisive, the decidedly elimination will not be competent for the post staff;
The fortress often is breaks through from the interior, not the loyal staff will be enterprise's harm, the enterprise with all one's strength unceasingly the perfect system, will mold the spirit to reduce the negative mood with to strengthen the loyalty But we decisively with method and so on law will protect the loyal staff' benefit;
Lets the person only energy, to appoint people on merit, the merit must reward, has had to punish


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