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  SHENZHEN JUSTVOD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is specially is engaged in the development, the production wide band interaction video frequency network application system high-tech company. Is domestic first has at the same time can apply in domain and so on boarding house, hotel, plot, television station has the independent intellectual property rights video frequency system developer and the producer.

   JUSTVOD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD to have a high quality the development troop. Technical  is company.   This will avoid the product promotion which because the technical personnel flows brings bordering on certainly generation and service technology condition and so on fault. Has a stable development expert team and the service troop, is the intellectual property rights leadership, the high-tech development innovation, the technical service enterprise's victory foundation of; Also is the product is stable, serves the prompt basic guarantee. We always thought that, The stable company can guarantee stably provides, the first-class product, the stable company can guarantee for the customer provides the sustainable existence the service, also is finally can be born the world first-class enterprise's basis.

JUSTVOD the science and technology simultaneously to have a stable market troop. Market also is the company owners. This will cause the power which the company the market development will have does not use up forever rushes with the loyalty which not suspiciously will set, will cause the company to display in the market forever will be positively strives for success but is diligent, the formidable market battle efficiency will will certainly to cause the market resources unceasingly to condense the thick product, will arrive the surface from the spot, unceasingly thorough cover Also will cease the market resources to drain with is sloppy, decides can guarantee the company stable development, from weakly will arrive strongly, from slightly will arrive in a big way, unceasingly will develop, unceasingly will progress.

JUSTVOD the science and technology to be born that one day from her on to have the extraordinary battle efficiency from the system, from 1996, we then devotes to the development network video frequency product core technology, successively successfully promoted "good regarded 9810,9921,9988,2000" based on the CATV transmission network and so on the series commercial hotel video on demand system. And installed in the domestic 20 provinces and cities more than 400 hotels and more than 10 plots "JUSTVOD" the series product.
According to the recent years rapid development market demand, in 2003, the company promoted has suited to the wineshop and the high-quality boarding house good regards 1000, suited the total character time good to regard 3000 based on the ethernet system, JUST 4000, the digital television station equipment JUST 5000 and so on "the new media system", as soon as leapt into is domestic first has the independent intellectual property rights the product to cover domain the and so on boarding house, hotel, plot, television station video frequency system developer and the producer, and depended on the outstanding person which the high quality technical performance, the stable movement quality and the good technical service became in the profession, Causes "good to regard" becomes one of home stablest video frequency system famous brands.

Facing Digital Age and the humanist individuality service time arrival, good will regard the technical company to unify own profession experience and the technical superiority, unceasingly will weed through the old to bring forth the new, unceasingly will accumulate, diligently industriously will do farm work in the wide band network service domain, will make own for this great time bigger contribution.

JUSTVOD company take "to make the world first-class video frequency product, the foundation world first-class video frequency enterprise" as the goal, will unite the general colleagues and the from all walks of life friend, will provide the stablest video frequency product for the user, the best service will be an own duty, diligently will strive for success, will be unceasingly enterprising, we will will certainly to win the more victories support and the love!


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